Why Steak and Cabernets Go So Well Together

When people think of red wine, they think of cabernet sauvignon. And there’s good reason for that! Cabernet is one of the most versatile, recognizable varietals on the planet. And lucky for us, it just so happens to pair amazingly with steak.

But what is it about steak and cabernet that makes it such a special relationship? For one thing, cabernets tend to be high in tannins, which are the natural preservatives found in grape stems and skins. These give cabernets their astringency, which cuts through steak fat and cleanses the palate with each swish.

Also, cabernets have complex aromas and flavors that know how to tango with a well-seasoned steak. Cabernets have a fruit-forward taste enhanced by barrel aging, and because they can vary so fluidly between light- and full-bodied, they pair easily with either a juicy ribeye or a lean filet mignon.

At Demeters, we’ve given steak and cabernets a place for their romance to blossom. Our wine list includes a wide variety of cabernets, including our Legacy Wine Series. These feature wines hand-selected by our ownership team from legendary California vintners.

To start exploring our cabernets, call us at 603.766.0001, or visit Reserve for reservations.

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